So, for the past few weeks of winter, we have been working on how we are going to deal with the turd of an ugly kitchen the last owners put in the house we now own. Now before you come at me with the fact the kitchen in our house is perfectly lovely and functional, you need to know that I understand that. What we are after is a kitchen that doesn’t overwhelm the space, and looks like it belongs with the rest of the house.
After meeting with some contractors and geting some off the cuff estimates that ranged on the high end around 70K. Kate and I recalibrated our expectations and began to stratagize.

The kitchen has a ton of cabinetry and ripping all that out to put in new would be too expensive. So here’s the list.

  • Paint cabinets white
  • New pulls
  • New countertops
  • New fixtures
  • New wood floor to match.
  • Remove some cabinets
  • Add open shelfing
  • New window
  • New table island and stools
  • Wine fridge
  • New sink
  • New range hood
  • New backslash

I became a bit obsessed with how this would all playout so I wanted to visualize how things would shake out so there would be no (or few) suprises. I 3D modeled the entire first floor of the house to scale. I then built the kitchen and reconfigured the things we wanted to change. Below I’ve posted the kitchen as is/when we bought the house. The CAD and the rendering of where we are headed.

We still need a contractor so wish us luck.

curent disaster

CAD model

render 1

render 2


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  1. It’s going to look SO GOOD. Good luck finding an honest contractor. It really is the worst. You should find a nice elderly couple to donate the granite countertops to.

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