Just when you thought the nastiest winter you’ve ever seen had lossened its vice like grip on your mental stability, it punches you again right in the nose. I can’t say I was confident that the winter nightmare was over, but I had the huberus to think it. Huberus gets me every time.

Yesterday, Easter was a lovely day. The sun was out, we were in the city visiting friends. We felt good. There was an ugly rumor that it could start snowing overnight. We thought, even if it did there would be no way for it to stick to the roads as spring had sprung and warmed everything with it’s hopful glow.


This morning we woke up to the sky dumping snow down on us faster than I could shovel it. It was the worst. I’ve called into work 3 times for a snow day which I then nervously work from home. I hate working from home. Work and home are to be separate things. Work is hard and often unpleasant. Home is relaxing and almost always plesent. When these two world meet it causes untold anxiety for me. That said in what could be called a fit of winter frustration. I decided to drive our car to Harrison to take the surprisingly robust Path train into the city. Kate was not excited about this decision, and thought I was being a bit too reckless driving in what was probably already 4-5 inches of fluffy snow. That was intensified by the fact that NJ had not bothered to get any plows out on the roads. I made to Harrison just in time for a Path employee to tell me that path service had been suspended. I felt like a fool! I drove 20 or 30 min in the worst snow I’ve driven in in 20 years only to fail. I was walking back to the car with my head hung low when I heard a train pull in. Magically thing where back on and I got on the train ariving to work by 9.

I hate the winter so much.

This is the car when I got to Harrison.

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