Today is a very hopeful day. After the last 9 months of what some would call a post apocalyptic atomic winter. Today is the tiny glimer of light at the end of this dark cold tunnel.

Baseball’s Opening Day! It’s not looking blinding bright for the Mets this year. In-fact I feel as if excitement is pretty down after last year’s injury plauged season. Pair that with the fact that the Yankees are looking real good and have superstar
Aaron Judge and you have a lack luster start for the turds from Queens.

That said I can’t help but feel the warm glow of hope today (even if it is raining). They aren’t America’s team, hell they aren’t even New York’s team. They are a rag tag crew of underdogs with a better balanced group of players than in previous years. The game is at 1:10 and we are playing St. Louis. Let’s Go Mets!

as always Buttfuzz rocks her Mets jersey for opening day.

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