call your mother and tell your brother we are back in black. No the blog hasn’t been fixed completely I just moved it to kate’s scad server. With a little help from jenn why? Because she’s super educated she’s smarter than spock. Now dport7 can live again. Just in time for Christmas. I’m sure I’ll have lots to blog about so let’s get the numbers back up people. In other news, it’s the end of the year! So to remember 2005 we have decided to produce a shirt. Anne Bancroft or Mrs. Robinson died this year and to send her out in style dport7 is making t-shirts to remember a women who’s eyes could cut glass, and sleep with her daughters boyfriend. I made the image below and if you CLICK on it you to can join dport7 and make your own coo coo ca-choo shirt to say good bye to 2005!!!!!!!

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