oh, hello there I didn’t see you…..
Yes, I still hang around here…. sometimes.
The past few weeks have been rather exciting for us. Kate (my wife (said in ironic Borat accent)) got a new job at the great Eileen Fisher. Ending the chapter at Ralph Lauren..
Long story short back in 2012 Kate, Aaron, Alison, and I went to Napa. Just try going on a wine tour and not buying anything I dare you.. Anyway, we bought a lovely bottle from this small winery called Elizabeth Spencer. Having a special bottle of anything is kinda a curse really. It demands you find an event worthy of it’s consumption. That said, in reality a tough week a work is probably reason enough. Though with a special bottle from far away you need a good reason. It was established long ago that when Kate got a new job we would pop the cork on it.
It was still good and I took a few pics to commemorate the occasion. Congrats KATE!!

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