ladies gentlemen and dport7 faithful the day has come. Tomkat has pushed out the first cruise made sciencetology super avenger. the name you ask? Suri. No it does not mean “glib” in sciencetology speak. It’s hebrew for princess. you know it’s weird with this out of the way i feel as if I can go on with my own life. pursue goals and aspirations that until now just seemed unimportant (next to the birth). I guess when i look back at all this some day i’ll wonder why, but right now the smile on my face and the relief in my heart is enough to make it ok.
In other news (that is real). my own brother john diehl is on his way here tomorrow for a fun filled visit. i can’t wait, and for all of you in the nyc area this is you chance to meet and great doctor john. he will only answer medical question that pertain to injures received a monster truck rallies….sorry.

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