So this weekend was our visit from john (my brother). We had a great time even with the shitty weather. but like any visit there’s just not enough time and energy to do everything. while i was at work on friday john took on the city and won. from what he told me he almost walked the entire length of the island of Manhattan. went to the espn zone, and even saw a play. saturday was the yankees game it was the coldest baseball game ever played and sadly we had to leave after the 5th inning because it was soooo cold. then off to see kate for dinner. sunday was a shopping day where john pick up some jeans for cheap and the off to dinner in brooklyn with ian. wow. too much. so i used youtube to post a video we took at cup on saturday night. for some reason we all got in a slap fight and of course i was in the middle. john took lots of pictures and I got them off his camera so I’ll post those soon in frames and slide.

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