as most of you may know I tend to be just a bit on the compulsive side. for over a year now i’ve had it in my head to buy a road bike. i guess road bike is the wrong term for it. You know you see those bikes that seem to have nothing on them. super thin frame and one gear. that’s what i wanted no frills just frame, wheels, handel bars, gear, and maybe breaks. So last weekend we were walking to park slope for dinner and i saw a littel bike shop. I went there today and the guy was cool. he told me he didn’t have a road bike for a guy as tall as me but told me a place that did. i walked deeper into park slope and found a super hot road bike store called R&A; Cycles inc. . they had the real shit man. tons of nice bikes. I asked a guy to show me the road bikes and just like before the ones he showed me were over done and ugly. Then I told him what i wanted and he said. Oh your looking for a track bike. OH man the track bikes are hot. he took me to the back room where they’re kept and they were thin and cool. i don’t know how to ride a track bike, being that they have one gear no breaks and no coast. he then pointed out one with breaks and a fly wheel. there it was my matte gray beauty. i bought it like a mad man and took it straight to prospect park. i then road till I got dizzy. after a quick break found a coffee shop with wifi and now I’m here. wow.

went to a BBQ last night at nice pictures in frames and slide.
let’s just hope i have this bike for at least a year before it gets stolen.

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