so a per usual it’s raining here in nyc. this is what kills me right. I have a human size normal umbrella. for some reason there are a certain breed of jackass out there that feels their right to stay dry is more important than anyone else’s. the span of their umbrellas reach is in a word gross. they pass through the rest of us like a bull dozer of self indugence. is it some kinda status symbol i don’t understand or is it just pure disregard for the rest of the world? if your one of these big umbrella bastards get over your self. chances are no one likes you. not even your dog.

second what’s with apple putting out the U2 ipod again. I didn’t like that thing the first time. Oh…. and trust me anyone that likes U2 enough to buy a U2 ipod has either been murdered or drown in a bath tub.

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