man oh man the weekend. so i decided to take friday off because work was slow and for some reason i felt like i needed it. so thursday night i called rebbecca to see what she was doing (she too has fridays off). We made plans to hang out. I decided that i wanted to ride my bike on friday so when rebbecca called I said I was going for a ride and then I’d be over. she told me to just ride to her house. I was thinking it was going to rain, but she said it was more punk rock to ride in the rain anyhow. so i google mapped my route and I was off. Unfortunately i had a slow leek in my back tire and by the time I got to the Manhattan bridge I had to walk the bike. I found a bike messenger and he helped me out. I was back on my way. I had a good ride over all. Although when I was weaving through traffic on houston I almost ran smack into a chrysler 300m. close call. rebbecca and i hung out the rest of the day drinking beer and talking about apple and her rabbit rose. we then went to ian’s office bbq because of all the free stake that is usually there. sadly they got a need smoker grill and by 11pm the food was still not done.

So saturday kate and i hung out with rebbecca again. her boyfriend cool ethan was having tattoo problems and sadly could not join us. we went to yet another free bbq that didn’t quite work out. all the kids were really indi and we just kinda left. we spent the day in yes my mortal enemy williamsburg although we had a great time. i’d tell you all about it but you probably stopped reading already, and I had typing. if you want to know more call me and the stories get better.

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