So Kate and I were hanging at the bar with the wedding party last night in Aruba. Out of no where his come on the TV.
After what I feel is a series of crappy Volkswagen commercials this one is killer.
Please enjoy!

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  1. @Tom
    Are you asking me if it’s funny, different and if I like it?
    It is funny….
    It’s not so different as it is a parity …..
    Yes, naturally i like is as I posted it to the site, in the “cool” category…
    Hope this clears things up.

  2. Paul, it is “parody” and not “parity.” And this is technically an homage, but I guess I can see how this is parody, too. Email me for a thorough explanation of “parity.”

    This is my favorite ad in a long time from VW. Like in a reaaaaaal long time. Like going back to the “Da-da-da” couch VW commercial and the Tony “Buster Bluth” Hale Mr. Roboto VW commercial. Inspired work. Curious who the agency was that made this one.

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