so was it a crazy weekend? No not really. Took things pretty slow. although the one semi exciting thing kinda happened on saturday. kate and i were hanging out in central park trying to get rid of our whitness and we saw a r_list celebrity. yes a reality tv personality. If your part of the MTV generation you’ll know this joker from the first season of the real world. yes the new york one. not the san Francisco one. I think the dudes name was eric and he was the all american jock type. since the real world days he’s hosted the grind on mtv and been on numerous mtv realworld type challenges. so why not a better picture. well kate (who loves any type of celebrity) thought of getting a photo with him but then decided that to give him the satisfaction of being recognized for being a mtv stooge was more than either of us could bear. this dude was clearly trying to get attention hanging out in the middle of the park doing hand stands and running around. maybe though i’m just jealous I’m not that tan. this could be the gayest picture on dport7……ever……

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