although I don’t really have one topic to blog about today I thought I might share some observations of the past week.
1. bacon…. i always thought that people exaggerated a bit when it came to bacon on a sandwich. i had a chicken cutlet with bacon and cheese on tuesday and i gotta say bacon indeed makes it better. for those of you that fly the bacon flag… i understand.
2.if you think you lucked out by finding the only non-packed car on the E train during rush hour, you sir are wrong. often times random cars on the E train don’t have air and in side it’s balls hot and the people look as if there in a prison camp.
3. i’ve discovered that i may be a prisoner in my own mind….. what does that mean. well it means I have to live in crazy paul’s mind everyday……. think about that…
4. for like the forth year in a row I’m moving apartments. it’s like i love the torture of moving and the hot iron of double rent feels like a kiss apparently.
5. i’ve discovered that drinking tea at work makes me pee too much.. The problem with this is I think my co-works are starting to think i have some sort of bladder issue.. which is not so…. it’s the tea man…… the tea.

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