Hey everyone I wanted to apologize for not posting a dport7 Happy Easter. We usually get the holiday wishes out loud and proud here, but this time the staff was distracted. Good friend of the site Brian Lauvray was visiting both for Easter and for the release of the new GIJoe movies “GIJoe Retaliation”. The visit was good and the movie was terrible!!

In keeping with dport7 standards and practices the staff has worked hard to pull some highlights from Brian’s visit together in one of our signature Interview Videos. We did our best to make something watchable. Let me know if you make it all the way through.

In an effort to elevate the holiday excitement we had a few folks over to color eggs earlier in the week. I’ve posted the winning egg below. Check our the instagram page to see some others.


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  1. I was pretty excited about my cameo at the end of this video until you covered me up with blue triangles!!

  2. That was such an important 3-minute video.

    @Jew there was #MOARDANCING all over the place, Jon, sorry you weren’t there, but #LessSchulman knows no bounds.

    @Lisa I’m sorry for the dancing and the template.

    @Paul Thank you again.

  3. @jew and @BLL
    There was a lot of dancing but for some reason someone gets a little camera shy!

  4. @swirlogirl Brian was playing Prince all weekend. When this song came on I was like “that’s the soundtrack!!”

  5. @jennynorwood Prince is very good. I introduced Sticky to the song P-Control. She didn’t believe that it was Prince.

  6. Yeah, pre-Jehovah’s Witnessed Prince was dirty and it was great.

    I love those graphics. They make me feel like I’m shopping at H&M 4 years ago.

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