So I don’t know if you saw my post last week with the new space helmet theme, but i hated it. It just didn’t turn out the way I had hoped. Sometimes that happens and when it does you move on. So I did. I decided to do something that made a bit more sense for me. The cool thing about this one is I used Modo and a skeleton rig I built inside Turbo to pose him. He’s a bit tessellated but for my first test run at rigging up a posable character I can’t complain. I liked it so much in-fact that I made you (and mostly me) an iPhone background so you can take it with you. Click on the image below to get a full-size download. (for those of you not on iPhone (BLL) send me your resolution and I’ll send you one).

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  • BLL says:

    I liked the Turbo in Space look. This one is prety great tho.

  • Paul says:

    Thanks man… I don’t know the space one just felt kinda half way.. It just didn’t fit

  • John says:

    Looks great

  • Jew says:

    Thsi looks awesomesauce, but I’m also with DLL vis-a-vis space Turbo

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