ok so kate’s birthday go out drink night was on thursday. kate had a great time i had to show up a bit late (work) but most of kate’s friends made it out. she’s rock’n the big 23 and taking a week vacation for the event.she’s be in nantucket relaxing and buying things made of wicker. hence no big gift till she return. bought myself a few extra days. now that i can post video on the blog i got a little clip to help you feel like you were there.

in other news my good old friend from college sidecar (who i haven’t talked to in years) has a cool younger brother Michael McClendon that makes the movies. emailed me the other day and asked me to take a look at his movies. it’s on myspace and it look really good. excellent quality and really nice editing. It’s split into four parts and i watched them all back to back. some really funny part i have to say. If you get a chance check it out it’s worth a watch.

(double click to play)

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