so i know it’s been a few days but life has been busy and full of intensity. all the content for you dport7 faithful lies in the wedding of my good friend phil and (now) leena anderson. kate and i went to their wedding on september 3rd in sandusky ohio. It was a dual service first a traditional hindu service then a christian service. i was in the wedding and enjoyed the experience even though it just involves standing. Anyway click on the the picture below and check out all the pictures. there was lots of parties and lots of fun thanks phil and leena…… oh at the end check out the pictures of my mom’s kittens when i stopped by the house.

In other news the move is on the way. I’ve got a one bedroom in the same building. The apt is huge but it’s a bit expensive. I’m living a bit above my means but i’m hopeing for a raise in november an with any luck that will help but i can’t be sure that will happen. Anyway the the place is huge almost too big and I can’t wait to get my stuff down there. It’s on the fourth floor and i don’t really have a view but it’s a give and take in this world and I’m taking a big space.

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