alrigth ok this is the longest week ever and it’s only wednesday night. a couple of things though. first the new apple stuff was announced on tuesday and some of it was pretty cool. my personal favorite is the item i can afford itunes 7 with a price tag of free it’s pretty cool. if you get a chance give it a download and check out some of the wicked new eye candy. one cool thing is that now if you have a 5th generation ipod you can get games for it. as you may know i don’t like video games except for tetris. that shit is great. i had a itunes gift card laying around so i down loaded it. to be honest it’s straight up impressive….. great on the train today helps the ride go quick. other than that it was new ipods all around and to tell you the truth i’m not alll that excited about that.

next up and i’ll keep this short i signed the lease for my apt. this evening and it’s pretty scary. it’s official ian and i will be parting ways for good. for those of you that will miss ian he can now be found on the west side of manhattan behind the opera house and from what i hear it’s a hot little studio. please please please hold your email about this it’s too late to stop this split. it was bound to happen sooner or later. i’ve been told i can be a bad influence so ian maybe getting out just in time.

lastly and some say most important my old friend martin schmedt and joe sanders are cruising into town tomorrow for a visit and to be honest it’s been a long time maybe too long. what are we going to do you ask? well like any self respecting college friends we will try in vein to relive the past and with out a doubt hurt ourselves in the process. here’s a shot of martin and jenn from way back sadly I don’t have all the old college pic’s and so you’ll have to wait till later to see jo and me. long live beer funnels and the party porch!!!!!

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