straight out I’m exhausted! martin, joe and kate and i were all over new york hitting every burro but staten island. kate was gracious host keeping the guys for the 4 days they visited. i wish i could remember all we did. I’ll just hit the highlights. we met up with virgina bernard and went to the young designers fair in soho and saw some cool stuff. Then hung out the rest of the day just seeing different parts of the city. later that night kate and i went to see rebbecca in a fashion show for mandate of heaven rebbecca did a great job and there were a few things that both kate and I enjoyed the show. martin and joe decided to hang out in the bar and after the show we met up with them for some ice cold Budweiser’s. on sunday to make a long story short we went to the Yankees game last night and the red sox’s pulled one out to make for a fun game. anyway thanks for coming out here guys and send some of the pictures because you snapped a lot more than i did. for those of you that don’t know these guys martin is on the left I’m in the middle and Joe’s on the right. i wasn’t going to but check out the slideshow for somemore old college fun.

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