HURRICANE SNADY Well it’s Thursday and that bitch of a storm rolled through Monday into Tuesday. It has been kind of a weird experience from our vantage point. Our part of Brooklyn (thank God!) is one of the highest neighborhoods in the city. This put us far from any flooding. During the storm the winds were high but nothing our building couldn’t handle. The weird part was watching the storm happen around us on TV and the internet. Seeing places we go flood on TV seemed unimaginable knowing they are such a relatively short distance away. We were lucky we never lost power and all our friends are safe and sound. Megan’s neighborhood flooded and lost power (still out) but she managed to walk to our place on Tuesday afternoon, and is staying with us till she gets power back.
All of lower Manhattan from 35th down is out of power so the subways from us to midtown aren’t working. This has left us trying to work from home all week. Today we are trying to ride our bikes in as it’s been 3 days and we need to get to work. I’ve posted a few pics below that I’ve seen over this time. All of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Prospect Park.
NJ got hit soooo much harder along it’s coast it’s truly devastating. Oh and let’s not for get that terrible fire in Breezy Point Queens. All in all we survived with the least damage possible and are very grateful for that! Donate to the red cross there are a lot of people really hurting right now.

Flooded Subways

Brooklyn Bridge Flood

Carousel Flooded 🙁

Tree Fall in Prospect Park : by batpapi

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  1. Wow. Thank you for the update. I am glad you guys survived and are able to help a friend until power is restored. The rest of NJ and NY are in my thoughts and prayers. How did the bike into work go?

  2. I’m glad you guys are safe and update. Watching RockCenter and the other news puts tears in my eyes. It’s so devastating and seems so overwhelming. Where do you start? And how? Like WTF nature? Thoughts and prayers with you guys and the rest of the east coast.

  3. Rode in again today. We are getting better at it. Although the bike seats are making our butts hurt.

  4. Thanks man, we were really lucky. We saw that Rock Center to. Staten Island really got hit hard. Kate told me that 20 of the 50 people that died in the storm were from Staten Island, devastating…

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