let me tell you about my weekend. it starts on friday night hanging out with they old crew from toda along with ian kate and eben. saturday was a work day on a website called coffee and a danish for a friend. its a pretty simple site i’m doing in flash and hope it kinda kicks off a simple website freelance alter ego. although i’m not officially or classically trained in web design i enjoy it very much. it was kinda nice just kinda working on the site and taking it easy all day. in the evening I met up with kate and sam to go to brian woetehoff’s house for coltrane’s birthday. he along with steve and a few others play in jazz groups. They had the entire band set up in brian’s living room and sounded great…. on the walk over kate sam and i went to the local wine store and pick up some spirits for the party. i found these single serving bottles of 780ml red wine and thought they were kinda funny…. While at the party i drank one and half of the other. for the walk home that night i pulled out the paper bag i got them in and put the bottle with half it contents in the bag for the walk….. less then 2 blocks away from the house i for some reason was just fiddling with my hands and unscrewed the cap on the bottle (not drinking out of it)….. Then from behind me i hear hey red shirt!!!!! you, red shirt!!! it was astoria’s finest running out of their cop car to stop me, a hardened street criminal…… I was charged with an open container violation even though i was not drinking it…….. I was served a summons and fined 25 dollars….. so now i have to take a day off of work to go to the court house and pay this fine…….. with all the crime in this city i’m sure glad they took some time out to stop me. i feel like i’ve learned a valuable lesson…… cops aren’t given the right to use discretion when looking for crime… I was with kate and sam two girls that with out a doubt are less than trouble makers. then there’s me a tall lank that was not acting out just walking home……. another thrilling representation of our tax dollar working hard to ignore dangerous crime.

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