Two post in one week!!! Intense.
I thought I’d share my first attempt at animation. Needless to say it’s complicated. I’m using 3 different 3D technologies to make this possible. Turbo is built in Solidworks as you may know. The animation is done in Modo. I use Modo because it imports the Solidworks better than other programs. Then to render the animation I’m using a program called Maxwell which plugs into Modo. Although it causes modo to crash a lot. I was able to steal some time this weekend to figure out how to get all these things to work together and I hope to have some more soon!
One thing I noticed I’m kinda sad about is that when Turbo jumps the floor seems to move with him. (fart sound)

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  • Joanis says:

    Whoa. That’s rad. I’m excited for Turbo to have some adventures. He’s gonna jump over so many things. Great work, Paul!

  • paul says:

    Oh just wait Joanis there is a new animation going on the render farm tonight!!!

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