Last week found us in Portland Maine to attend Billy and Sarah’s wedding. Kind of an epic journey. We drove up on Wednesday early in the morning with Megan, Ben, and Chris. We went up early for 2 reasons. 1, Kate and Megan were in the wedding. 2, Megan made the wedding cake and had an epic battle ahead of her to complete it.
The wedding was on Friday and it was lovely. We had a great time. Check out the pictures. Thanks for inviting us guys!

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  • Peters says:

    These are awesome, Paul!! Thanks so much for coming – it was the best day ever!

  • Jew says:

    @bill_cosby was invited?!?!?

  • Brian L. says:

    Who had the Concorde cuff links?

  • paul says:

    The cufflinks where Pugs he works at the airlines.

  • Yuuki says:

    That’s a nicely made answer to a chinnelgalg question

  • Jaruzelski powinien być zostać zdegradowany, wsadzony do wiÄ™zienia. To zdrajca, sowiecki pachoÅ‚ek.Mam szacunek dla urzÄ™du prezydenta, ale dla pana Komorowskiego (prywatnie), nie. Kto tam idzie w takim celu… Pozdrawiam,

  • – I know a lot of people are using ColdBox. I’ve not really given it a chance yet. I think I’m just comfortable with MG. It’s interesting to see the approach on – it’s quite similar to the approach I took with the Mura Model-Glue plugin I wrote.

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