yeah so i think i just recovered from being 26. to be honest i kept it pretty simple yesterday just dinner and the bar with a few friends. hey a big thanks to everyone that showed up last night and bought me a drink. oh what did i get you ask? well kate got me the remaining beastie boys LP albums i needed to complete my collection. I’ll be framing the other ones i have and be hanging them up in the apt. so it looks less like a prison. i’ll post a picture when i get them all up. kate’s parents also sent me a poster for the apartment wall that has to be the most beautifully matted and framed piece of art I’ve ever received. my brother john came through with a beautiful card and donation. i even received a few phone calls (thanks dan). the other great surprise was that on friday my office agreed to replace my stolen camera. So i went out to bestbuy on saturday and got a hot new canon point and shoot. oh hey special thanks to sam and brina for the ninja gear. check out the party pic’s I know it’s always the same people and i usually make all the same faces but hey what do you want from me……. oh wait but i thought this picture was far and away the funniest. i don’t remember taking it and i think sums up the entire evening.


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  • Placed this consummate shill out in regards to the suppress for tomorrows trash.

  • You’ve officially made my head hurt. Hehe, have you ever heard of TED? Yep, you should speak on TED.

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