This weekend was, (what I’m told) our now yearly family trip to Montauk. As always it was a lovely time. It’s a lot of siting on the beach and then moving to the pool. Kate and I love the sun so it makes for a good time. As some of you may know John (my brother) joined us this weekend and so we made it a 3 day trip to mark the occasion. My parents rented a condo in the “Surf Club”a lovely establishment. On Friday we made a go of an activity and tried to do some ocean fishing. Although we all were eager to participate almost immediately the sea sickness over came John, Kate, and I so the trip was called at the two hour mark. In that time we managed to catch some crazy big fish so it wasn’t a total loss. The other bonus is the the pictures we took make it look like a perfect super fun fishing day. Sadly Kate is not in these shots as she was feeling it almost instantly.
All in all a lovely time. Great big thanks to Mom and Dad for having us out to enjoy the beach with them! Stay tuned for 2013.

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  1. Oh man it was bad. As soon as we got out of the bay Kate looked at me with freer in her eyes and sad “you need to get us to calmer water”. Let’s just say the caption was in no hurry to accommodate. After about 20 min I was in the same situation.

  2. Oh i feel for all of you. I too have been there. Let’s just say I was unable to watch for any whales on the Whale Watching tour in San Diego.

  3. Elastic Pants, Creepy Fish, Jawbone Boombox, Cool Looking Architecture……this Montauk you speak of must be awesome.

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