Today is a day I’ve been dreading since 2008. That’s when the Beastie Boys show at All Points West was cancelled because MCA announced he had cancer. I was suppose to see them for only the second time that day. The thought of a world with out the Beastie Boys has been a sad one for me. I started listening to them fanatically in my high school years and they’ve been with me ever since. Their music is a New York institution, a battle cry for fun, and a way of life for me. I know it seems stupid but they meant/mean a lot to me. Too loose MCA (Adam Yauch) at 47 seems like a life lost far too soon.
“All I want to know is when it’s check out time. So I can be in heaven with the rhythm rock rhyme”

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  • Brian L. says:

    [pours out Brass Monkey]

  • pauldiehl says:

    “Reach in the miller cooler grab a cool bud” and pouring one out as well!

  • Pyramid Schemez says:

    MC. is what I am. and do. the A is for Adam…. true!

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