Napa Day 2

Yesterday was pretty intense. We hired a car to take us around so we wouldn’t endanger the locals with wine driving. We ended up making it to 5 wineries Inglenook, Cakebread, Elisabeth Spencer, Mumm, James Cole. I think our favorites were Elisabeth Spencer and James Cole. We ended up struggling through dinner at FARM I was only able to snap one shot. I had the duck and everyone else had the rezoto. Check out the pictures below we had enough fun in one day for a whole week.

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  • mary says:

    You all look to be having such a wonderful time. I think this is a ” Wish I were there moment!” Thanks for posting the photos, they are wonderful.

  • By the large volume of comments here, it seems that this article did its job and got people stirred up. Hey, at least its generating a conversation. Thats always a good thing.

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