so this weekend was kinda slow nothing big to report really. on saturday night i stayed out here in brooklyn and went to a halloween party thrown by one of the girls at work. to be honest i don’t really know the people i work with that well. plus she’s on the account side and i interact with them even less. i thought because it was so close and because i don’t often go out here in brooklyn i should give it a shot. it was kinda fun because i didn’t know anyone there really and they were all singing and crazy by the time i got there. long story short they were all dressed up like the girls from the robert palmer video “addicted to love”. The girl i know had her boyfriend decked out to look like palmer and to be honest he did his best and must be a great sport. Anyway once i got there they insisted on doing a palmer song and were all excited for me to video it with my still camera. they don’t even know about dport7. Some how word got out that it could go on youtube and the excitement exploded. after the performance we went to a bar down the street i think called south paw and danced the night away.

(double click to play)

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