ladies and gentlemen check it out i got tired of making my hair jump through hoops and just went for the big buzz. no more puff no more hair products just a buzz cut shadow of what used to be. as we have seen throughout the years my hair has taken may forms. i think this will be it’s final form and to be honest i think in a few weeks i’ll be used to it. The people at work all had quite a reaction. i mean it is a drastic change. i never understand though why people feel the need to act like a persons hair or lack there of makes a difference. like i said it was kind of a shocker so i guess you can’t blame people. the next step is to buy some clippers to maintain it and see how that works out. so far the reactions have been pretty positive but people tend to side on saying things nicely. rather than tell you, you look like a tool. anyway decide for yourself.

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