is anyone else sick of blogger being down all the time? It’s really starting to piss me off…. anyway sorry for that. well this weekend has really turned into how i returned my cable box. other that that it’s been kinda slow almost disappointing, although for the disappointment i only have myself to blame. friday night was kinda slow sam kate and i went to see marie antoinette it was slow and void of any real focus. it seemed if sofia coppola couldn’t decided what kinda story she wanted to tell. was it going to be an modern adaptation of marie antoinette’s life or a semi historical bio film. of course it was a beautiful movie because how do you make versailles un-spectacular.

saturday was pretty much blown trying to return my cable box to cablevision. when i canceled my cable service the dumb shit on the phone gave me a bogus address for the location of the cablevision drop off here in brooklyn. I googlemapped the address and decided because i haven’t had much chance to ride my bike as of late that i should ride there. not realizing how far it was i put the items for return in my backpack and headed deep into brooklyn. when i get around the nonexistent address i started asking people in the area for 10-20 flatlands ave and was informed that there is no such address. at that point i was sure i was screwed. by the grace of God a cablevision van drove by and i chased him down to find out i had to backtrack a quarter of the way. after some more riding and getting lost i found it. then stood in line for 20min with people that only leave their homes and bags of chips because their remotes broke. people say the mid-west has a weight problem but so does the brooklyn when it comes the cable subscribers that break remotes (most likely by sitting on them). luckly they accepted my cable box for return, no problem. exhausted i took the subway home and collapsed at 4K. when i woke i went to see a good friend of the site steve for a drink at union hall.

rollover image to see map. notice the green patch (prospect park) it’s huge….. for scale.

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