so i’m ganna keep the post about this weekend short. Main thing is that friday i got my gas turned on and i tried you pay off my ticket for my open container violation that resulted in a summons ticket. long story short on the ticket, i rode all the way out to the end of queens on the subway and to my dismay fat ass mcPork cop told me that because my ticket says dec. 1 on it the best i can hope for is to pay it a week before that. Although the cop that gave me the ticket (who apparently is an international dumbshit) told me i could pay it at any point and that infact it is best to pay it sooner than later. WOW….. i hate this.

Saturday night was a surprise party for a friend of the site brian pike. he has decided to leave our fair city for the bright lights of nashville. he never struck me as a country singer but hey you put a hat and boots on anyone and they could be the next country superstar. We went to union pool where rebecca had everyone meet to wish brian a surprise goodbye. Although a bit under the weather it was great to see all the apple folks again. ofcourse best of luck to brian. check out the slide for all the shots i could get.

sleep for me

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