today i was sitting at work and decided to listen to pandora for a while and the first song that came on was from cake. i’ve had cake songs in the library for along time and every time i re-discover them i’m pleasantly surprised and for some reason refreshed by their wit and song style. then i started to think maybe i should use cake as a guideline for my life. meaning that before i commit to being friends with someone i would inconspicuously play one of cake’s may charming songs and wait for their reaction. for a flashing moment this seemed like the key to life. then moments later the haze of the morning burned off and i realized yet again that I’m an idiot. man i know i’ve written bad blog entries in the past and this one isn’t the worst but it’s up there. anyway here’s the song. oh yeah the song is called Italian Leather Sofa and it’s off the Fashion Nugget album, which i believe was their first major album. oh as for copyright infringement sorry I’m just promoting the band without their written consent…. tough!


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