man this weekend was out of control. friday night I went to kareoke with some kids from work at sing sing in the east village. there i learned a lesson….. a lesson to live by. if your going to be in a room with five other people singing songs its best to make sure ahead of time that other people in the room know Foreigner’s Jukebox Hero. As some of you may know i had some small local fame in savannah for my renditions of Jukebox Hero. sadly word of skills haven’t spread to new york. anyway after that embarrassment i came back strong with a few other songs.

on saturday i worked on freelance all day and then met up with Phil and leena for a little dinner and la paella. it was really small inside and the food was small too but it was good. after that we met up with my good old best friend from my days at toda Shannon from seattle. Her and her friend were in town for there yearly visit. we met up in the east village and and then headed to the bar that god forgot called off the wagon to see our friend tyson for the big 30 birthday party. after a quick hello and happy birthday we had to get out of off the wagon for fear someone was going to touch us in the swim suit area. anyway it was great to see shannon we all wish she would move back here…… for real!!

sunday i just finished some freelance work and finally got something to eat……..

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