I found this amazing video today that shows what goes into making handmade Louis Vuitton men’s shoes. Two things really impressed me about this video. 1: The number of stitching and pattern machines that go into making these things. 2: The amount of perfect hand work that goes into the shoe. Watch for the person that’s staining or gluing on the soul of the shoe. It would be sooooo easy to eff up the leather body by touching in the wrong place. Amazing…. This is why things cost so much. enjoy!

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  • John Diehl says:

    They’re no reebok, but that’s pretty impressive.

  • Martini Bar-tone says:

    I like the new dport7 Paul. Good work. I may actually visit more than once a month.

  • paul says:

    @Martini Bar-tone
    Thanks I’m glad you like it. Your participation is key to making this site work!!!
    Bless you!

  • John Diehl says:

    Cool shoes, but time for a new post. Been a week man, what are you doing, working or something?

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