so it’s time for an update.

#1 so as some of you may know i’m a hardened criminal and last friday Dec.1 i took the trip out to union turnpike in queens to pay from my open container violation. after arriving out in the outer bounds of queens in the early morning i made my way to borough hall to stand in what i thought would be a forever line. to my surprise there was no line and i walked right in. after security worked me over i went in to court only to find out that my case had been dismissed. the man at the computer checking my information told me that a letter was sent out to inform me that i didn’t have to make the trip out there…….. flash forward to monday of this week when i check my mail and receive the letter telling me the oh so valuable information……. i’ll leave you to think your own commentary from here. oh i took a picture of borough hall for you

#2 i would like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to HD. i took today and tomorrow off of work so i decided to see if i could straighten out this whole HD thing. so it turns out the guy that installed my cable box didn’t give me the HD component cables. they’re the green red and blue that replace that single yellow plug you have at regular tv. anyway ever since I turned on the HD channels with the right cables i have been mesmerized. the channel 4 news has crazy good HD and it is awesome… long story short i’m feeling like an idiot for not figuring this out sooner. i guess though i can blame the cable guy.

#3 good news i got a raise at work starts….. in january… so that’s good.

#4 saw a good movie the other night calledBaxter …. it’s from guys that did wet hot american summer…. to tell you what i really enjoyed it. it was a kate pick and she totally redeemed herself with this one

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