well everyone i’m officially feeling the holiday season. the office parties are starting which means people all over america are embarrassing themselves in a mistaken drunken attempt to get to know their co-workers on a more personal level. it is after all the hap-happiest season of allllllllll. I had my annual team (the team for the client i work for) end of year/christmas party dinner. things on this account are going well so we went to the most over priced restaurant in the most over priced part of town the meat packing district. if you’ve been down there you might have seen the old home stead steak house. it has a big cow sign out side and the only thing they do is steaks…. let me just say that i had the best steak i will ever have that night. dinner took like 3 hours but it was worth it. I held on to my wits over the long dinner and even saw a C list celebrity. for all you american idol fans yes it’s true taylor hicks looks like a massive tool in real life too. the night ended at a cigar bar down the street and as i smoked my free cigar i became proud of myself knowing i hadn’t said or did anything stupid i would be embarrassed about the next day. that’s when i decided that was a miracle and said good bye to the group snagged a cab and went home.

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