Merry Christmas from

here’s a quick update on the past few days.

kate and the roommate’s and i had a small gift exchange and well kate out did her self this year and got me a red/orange eames injection molded arm chair. didn’t see it coming really and i’m blown away at the magnitude of this gift. in a word thank-you.

phil nicole and I along with to other doctor friends ended up at my most favorite destination for the holidays in new york on friday night. no not rockefeller no it’s a small karaoke bar in china town. i’ve ended up at this place on several separate occasions and every time it’s around the holidays. either way you can’t lose this the songs only listed by title and a sound system that has been blown out so may times it sounds like there’s one tiny speaker behind the toilet in the bathroom that’s doings it’s best to push my “like a prayer” rendition across the bar. we all did our best to hold the karaoke machine hostage by doing more songs than anyone else in the bar ever wanted to here. phil and i definitely didn’t do wake me up before you go go…… that might be the homo gay

lastly i got a head start on my new years resolution…… that’s right my planing to better myself in 07 by skateboarding again. i went to the skate shop today and bought a new enjoi deck. Check it out. i thought it was hilarious. i found a few skate parks around brooklyn and i couldn’t be more excited. i’m always my happiest when i’m skateboarding so let;s just hope i don’t get hurt at all.

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