So I’m a proud survivor of my second Jets game. Now, I know what you’re thinking “Paul you don’t know anything about football, hell you don’t even like football”. Your right I don’t, but with my new found gang of Jets fans I’ve changed my tune. Plus I got Kate to come to this game. Full disclosure Kate complained about going to the game all week. “It will be too cold” she said. “I don’t like sports” she said. Well her tune is changed as well, she had a great time. Dport7 want’s to give a huge thanks to Billy for being in a sense our Jets sponsor of sorts. The thing is that after going to college with no football team we never really got use to the early morning party that is tailgating. This really kick our asses and we have just recovered it now being Tuesday. We may not be able to handle another till next season but all and all we’d do it again!!!

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  1. Your grammar and spelling errors are more egregious than normal. I’m assuming this is the hangover from a day-long tailgate/Jets romp.

  2. I wrote this last night and I just couldn’t be bothered to give a shit… Can you send me a fixed version plz?

  3. I’ll be your copy editor, but I want a really good meat and cheese platter and NO Coors products for our Xmas feast.

  4. I can make meat and cheese happen no problem…..
    BUT HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HOW DARE!!!!!
    You know I love Coors Original and that we will be in the land of Coors! Your just being cruel!
    There will be Coors and it will flow like water!!!
    Good DAY!

  5. I love Great Lakes oh so very much. Sadly those ultra Ohio Bastards won’t sell outside the state. Or at least won’t sell here in NYC.
    Forever sad face.

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