Yes….. The 10K went well. Saturday Megan and I ran the “Rock’N Roll” 10K in Prospect Park with 6000 other people and our supporters Kate, Sarah, Billy, Eliane, and Zeus (Billy’s dog). I’ve never run in a race this big before and it was a challenge. Just too many people I kept having to jump up on to the grass to pass people and stay on pace. I wish I would have been a little faster I finished the race in 54 minutes. I included a map below to show you the course. It’s not quite two laps of the park but its pretty close. The guy that won the race ran the 6.27 miles in 28 minutes which I find to be completely insane. I saw him pass the crowed at a devilish speed. It was a good race Megan and I both felt good about it.

I included at the end of this post a better pic of the newly painted spare room. Please enjoy.

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  1. Really Paul? You lambast ironic mustaches, but you post this tilt-shifted iphone-app’d crap photo? Bush league man, especially from you. Who among us has as unhealthy an obsession with the magic that happens to light when it enters a camera’s lens as you? No one. And yet you besmirch your own good name, while burring all of our retinas with this junk.

    Shame on you, Paul.

  2. Jew,
    I think it’s more than safe to say that you have clearly fallen of the rails on this one pal. Your grotesque uses of big words and blatant slander is not only inappropriate but embarrassing! To you I say good day!!!!!! I SAID GOOD DAY!


  3. I would post a pic of it but, y’know, that certain someone would probably block me for being too awesome.

    (paul: let me help on this one)

  4. Jew, Brian,
    I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding of the ironic mustache issue. I’ve posted a link to the original post below. In short I have no problem with what I like to call a “home grown” mustache like Mr. Lauvray so proficiently grown. I take issue with graphic mustaches being placed everywhere. And stupid mustache tattoos on fingers.
    In short, Brian that is a beautiful mustache! Jew, your still an idiot.
    Thank you,
    Dport7 Staff

  5. oh this exchange just tickled me to death. the office looks nicely painted and rearranged. i can see my crash couch from here.

  6. I don’t even understand what happened on this comment thread. This mustache rant really came back to bit me.

    That couch has been asking about you. Come back for a crash when ever.

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