There is a certain member of this site that loves Martin Star….. (jenn). Because of this and his work on Party Down when I run across a piece of work I often take the time to check it out. This video just has a small cameo but for some reason I found the guy dancing sooo funny I though you might like to see it. Please take some time to enjoy.

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  • Pyramid Schemez says:

    omg. loves. martin makes EVERYTHING better.

  • pauldiehl says:

    The guy dancing is killing me. So effing goofy. I love it. May grow my hair back out and go as him for Halloween.

  • Studly Dan says:

    hey paul site looks great! hope your doing amazing! wish i could have made it to the short shorts party!!!!

  • pauldiehl says:

    Dan! Shit man how are you? It has been a long time. We certainly have missed you at short shorts over the years. You my friend are a shortest shorts legend. Glad you like the site trying to keep it going. Hope things are well.

  • pyramid schemez says:

    does studly Dan know Martin? and if so can he set up a meeting?

  • Paloma says:

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