dport7 faithful; last night i was pleased to be part of the small privileged group that each night represents the nation and it’s hero’s in the audience of the
colbert report. as some of you may know it is my favorite show on television today. i was giving an extra ticket by kate’s roommate jeremy. as if seeing steven colbert wasn’t enough his guest on the program was Paulina Porizkova the ex-supermodel wife of cars lead singer rick ocasek. i being a huge cars fan was hopping for an appearance by ocasek and was shock when he showed up for a cameo. Paulina Porizkova ricks wife is mutant beautiful. from were i was sitting she looked 8 foot tall and cut from marble. needless to say it was a unexpected highlight of my month. even though steven was battling a cold he was full of energy and seemed to really love doing the show. it was amazing how dirty and kinda shitty and small the set was, but it didn’t matter i loved it. special thanks to jeremy and his cousin. Oh if you check out that show when they re-run it this afternoon at like 7pm in the beginning you can see me in my orange wind breaker. or hey go buy it on itunes.

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