So the other day I drew a picture of a whale with a horn. Kate told me there was such an animal I did not believe it but it’s true. The Narwhal is indeed real and the horn is infact a bone. I like to think that maybe it’s a tooth. I made Turbo a new friend named Nutsy the Narwhal. I’ve also made you a downloadable iPhone wallpaper so you can take Nutsy with you everywhere you go. Enjoy the wallpaper and the new banner. Oh and don’t forget about turbo I reposted his iPhone background for you as well.

click for full size download

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  1. Jenn thank you for the kind words!!! To be fair it was Kate that came up with the name NUTSY.. Glad dport7 can still make you guffaw!

  2. Nutsy the Narhwal just rocketed to the top of my pre-draft list for Dport7 characters. That is, if Dport7 were a sports league or an anthropomorphic not-real character trafficking industry. What I’m trying to say is that I love Nutsy and want to have his babies.

  3. We aim to please here at dport7 and it looks like we’ve done it again!!! Thanks a lot guys real happy you like Nutsy!!

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