So it’s been a while since I’ve posted an arbitrary buttFUZZ video. The thing is my camera takes such beautiful video and I never use it. When buttFUZZ starts acting crazy it’s video time. Also as we all know one more cat video is just what the internet has been waiting for!

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  • Pyramid Schemez says:

    That Brooklyn heat drives her mad!

  • Brian L. says:

    Was that T-Rex in the background music category? Had no idea buttFUZZ was a Mark Bolan fan.

  • pauldiehl says:

    Yes, that was T-Rex…. For be fair buttFUZZ didn’t pick the music. She’s more of a News fan from “Huey Lewis and the News”
    This Brooklyn heat is making us all crazy!

  • Brian L. says:

    Ah, I see. Count on butt FUZZ to like the News. T.Rex is much better, natch. Is buttFUZZ coming to the game on Saturday?

  • Paul mobile says:

    Yes buttFUZZ will be there! We got the bastard alittle cat cubs shirt. It’s incredible!!

  • Pyramid Schemez says:

    Is FUZZ ready for the 7th inning stretch sing-a-long?

  • jew says:

    she’s the most adorable tard I have every had the pleasure of rubbing.

  • home says:


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