I don’t know if any of you have been following the turbo cast tab here on the site but Jon has been making consistent progress. Turns out all that hard work payed off and now he’s in full Turbo production. Check out the pic below of the first of many urethane Turbos. The entire staff thanks Jon for his meticulous attention to detail and we can’t wait to see them. Also as promised all of you that sent in designs for the stickNtweet program will be receiving your very own Turbo just as soon as we can get them out to you. No Turbo is not standing on a tree stump. Thats where the material is poured in. Jon assures me that will be removed be for we send these out to you.
Also don’t for get to rsvp for the Short Shorts party this Saturday, July 23! Click here it get on the invite.

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  1. I’m already planning out the spot (with spot lighting) in my private gallery for my very own turbo.

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