ever since i got back from mexico i feel like the world is spinning. i know it’s only been a week but it seems as if i haven’t stopped to take a breath in five days. from being unable to return phone calls to not being able to get my last check from the old job there’s just too much to do and not enough paul to do it. it may be the new job that has me feeling like this (flustered). it’s going well so far, so i can’t complain.
anyway on wednesday i went out with the G2 friends because it was ray’s last day. he’s going to work for dyson (vacuums). it was great to see everyone again even though it’s only been two weeks. last night a old friend of dport7 came to grace us with a visit. the jew (jon schulman) took the bus down from philly just for the evening. kate nicole jon and i met a beauty bar had a drink then got dinner at this great pizza place you must try called Luzzo’s. after dinner a quick stop at heather’s to visit the only bartender in town i’m friends with. then per kate’s request to go dancing back to beauty bar to dance the rest of the night away!!! today i have to take it easy…. i feel like i might be getting sick and i can’t afford to be sick my second week at a new job. anyway i put up some shots from G2 and jon’s visit so check it out in frames!!!

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