So as you’ve read we are in Puerto Rico for Kathy’s wedding. I’ve been walking around hanging out with the locals taking pictures for you. Check things out.
We are at the airport (our personal gitmo) and I’m trying to get some more of the pictures uploaded. The wedding was lovely, Kate looked amazing in her maroon bridesmaid dress as expected. I don’t want to say Kate and I brought the party but Kate brought out some of her signature running and flailing dance moves. She also had to verbally reprimand the DJ for being a douche (3 times).
Yesterday we had some time to go into Old San Juan and walk around. We found a fort and got in 20min before it closed. It was kind of amazing I posted a few pics below.
We are happy to be headed back home. ButtFUZZ claims she doesn’t remember what we look like anymore.

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  1. Sorry, Paul. But I don’t know why you insist on expecting so much from me. I am, through and through, a tard.

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