This past weekend found us in Baltimore for the yearly triathlon training trip. Most of you know that I indeed HATE driving down to Baltimore. Not because it’s a place I dislike, but because the NJ turnpike is garbage and previously we have sat in traffic for hours upon hours. I would like to say this was no exception (in my best Charles Grodin voice). Although not as bad we got stuck on an on ramp for an hour at midnight.
Besides the driving though the trip this year was phenomenal. This was the 3rd time I’d run the course and for the first time I had success. I ran all the hills and what not in the same 30min I run Prospect Park. I realize that isn’t fast but after last year it’s a win. Kate and Sarah had an equally encouraging time on the bike course. Sadly Megan and Chris were unable to do the swim with the water still being pretty cold. All in all we feel good about the race at the end of the month.
After the training we headed to Chris’s family estate for a cool down of sorts. Hung out by the pool had a few drinks and a bonfire. A huge thanks goes out to him and his parents!!!
Enjoy the pics.

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  • Honey Badger says:

    You guys sure live the life!

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