Thursday night I lived the dream. For reasons I can’t explain I’ve lossesly bases my life around the code of the beastie boys. What’s the code of the beastie boys you ask? Well (smart guy) they are simply about fun and haveing a good time. Which these days seems to be harder and harder to find. Anyway MCA, AdRock, and MikeD although now in their late 30’s came out with loads of energy. Sadly i cant say the same for the crowd. Most of them on their early 30 stood apatheticly listening trying not to have a good time. That didn’t stop me from haveing the time of my life. As Kate can atest to I had a dumb shit smile on my face the entire time. I couldnt have been happier its like being able to do something you thought you missed out on. Like for example a historian being able to go back and experience the Kennedy assanination. Ok bad example but you hey what I’m going for. Anyway they played all the songs you could ask for along with a few off thier new instermental album released earlier this month. With out a doubt AdRock seems to lead the group in enthusiasim while Mike D seems to be the smooth guy, poor MCA looks as if he’s 60 and needs a nap. It almost kind of sad the way he slouches on stage and seems to gather up an extra effort to get up front to rap his parts. Although if I was 40 singing song I wrote at 19 I might be less than hype and feel a bit tired of the whole thing. It also could have been the fact that less than half the crowd knew the songs. I feel like there’s more to write about such an important event on the life of Paul but I don’t know what else to say except it was great and I may be too big of a fan……… Clearly….. As always I took as much video as I could because there’s no chance of any pictures turning out.

(double click to play)

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