vacation day 2
vacation is all about napping and that was the order of the day. The staff here at the “house of seven gables” wakes the guests up early with their continental breakfest by knocking softly on your door untill you answer it. Anyway that helped us get out early and rent some bikes so we could cruise the island. After that it was to the beach to get some sun. Kate walked along the shore picking up the treasures of the sea. While I napped the day away as I tend to do. We had lunch at the “jetties shack” and then went back to our spot on the beach to find a family of 6 sitting almost on top of us. As four little rich children tend to do screaming and whinning was the order of their day. The mother then pulled out the last in the seires of Harry Potter book and began to read out loud. Kate and I hate Harry Potter and cringed at the turn of events. We both thought that at most this could only go on for 15 minutes or so, but then 2 hours later she was still reading in the most robot monotone voice I’ve ever heard. After listning to the last half of the book i have no idea how anyone follows that shit. Anyway the rest of the day was full of more napping and then a late dinner where i tried the local beer. The pale whale ale. Ha ha mobie dick man.
here’s a picture i took of the beach. Sadly this was before the harry potter family showed up. Sorry the phone takes crappy pictures on super bright sun like most cameras do. Stay tuned for day 3

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