vacation day 3
so after the ladie of the house (Dottie) woke everyone up with the 8am continental breakfest again it was time to start the day. It was overcast so we headed down to the wharf to see if we could get in on a fishing trip or at least find some cheaper than advertised tours. Turns out price wars don’t exsist in Nantucket and all the trips were booked for the day. So we signed up for the next day at noon. Being that it was overcast and even some might say a bit chilly we decided to get on our bikes and ride out to Madekat on the other side of the island. Now I thought that being that it was the other side of the island it would have its own little main street and markets but it turns out all that’s out there is more houses and beach. We took some pictures set foot on the windy cold beach and headed back. On the 30min ride back we passed this family of 5 and as we passes one of the little girls (claire) tried to race me and pulled ahead. (I ride like jessica fletcher folks) as her mom yells to let people pass she darts in front of me to pull over. Several more times she tried to race me and crash into me but I avoided. Moral of the story…… Day 3 and I still don’t like kids in or around my vacation. We then had some crabcake sandwiches back in town and after lunch the sun came out so off to the beach again. Dinner was at this place called the club car. Food was great, the resturaunt has a old train car build onto the side that houses the bar. It seems very popular with the vacation going locals. Mostly Harvard grads gathered around the piano ackwardly singing songs they don’t know drinking scotch and slaping each other on the back while hitting on some girl named Buffy who turned him down last night. I forgot my asscot at the hotel so we avoided the bar there.

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  1. I’ll get on this later. So far since I got home I’ve replaced a trassmisnion in my pickup, windshields in my kenworth, tilled 250 linear feet of garden, mowed the lawn, started on the new worknech, and spent an evening getting hammered with the father in law. Once I get the veggies in I can relax for a bit And yeah, I found the Catagories list right away, not hidden or anything. Pretty much hiding in plain sight!

  2. mattoinh7 scrive:  mattoinh7Pure su Poli e sul fatto che l’Inter non ha speso ben SEI MILIONI E MEZZO di riscatto ci si mette a discutere! Come se non fosse chiaro che nei piani originali (trattativa per Lucas e paulinho) l’Inter ha provato a tenersi i soldi per altro salvo poi vedersi richiedere rispettivamente 40 e 31 milioni!!!!

  3. On peut noter que c’est quand même la DIRECTION de la SNCF qui fait fermer la gare mardi et non les cheminots comme le laisse penser la presse !La raison invoqué est le risque de mouvement de foule. Mais comme cela fait 1 mois qu’il y a une grêve ce n’est pas un jour de plus qui aurait changé quoi que ce soit !

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  5. Hi Alka,U reminded me of those school days when mummy used to make dal puri for breakfast and we would gup up… i dont know how many… miss those days U r site is amazing and reminds me of all the sindhi food which i miss making … thanks for reminding And Chettichand jii lakh lakh vadiyu regards.

  6. Díky alespoň za krátké info. Bohužel ač jsem z Brna, nemohla jsem se zúčastnit. Je pravda, že jsou obě uvedená historická náměstí v okupaci aut a určitě jim jejich vystrnadění prospěje, ale nedovedu si představit, kde v centru potom zaparkovat. Už teď je to napínavé a jsou situace, kdy není vyhnutí a musím tam jet autem s dětma. Prima blog. Čára .)

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